Instructional Services Branch (ISB)

The primary function of the Instructional Services Branch is to assess, plan, develop, and evaluate curricula and pedagogy to meet the needs of all K-12 students in attaining the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS). It is responsible for the content of all subject areas in the instructional program; for instructional strategies which enable students to optimally meet the standards; and for the inservice training of district and school personnel responsible for the implementation of HCPS.

Vision: All children are successful learners, reaching goals and fulfilling dreams.

Mission: Lead and support teaching and learning.

Beliefs: 1. All children will learn and meet standards given quality curriculum, instruction, assessment, and opportunities.
2. Effective professional development is systemic, sustained, reflective, and supportive of standards implementation.
3. Effective teaching and learning is student-centered and responsive to diverse learner needs.
4. Quality professional development focuses on content, process, and assessment.
5. The standards implementation process requires leadership that has coherence of vision and consistency of action.
6. Effective professional development builds capacity in the district/school for continued improvement.

Motto: Kia Mana`o (“Educate with Empathy and Equity; Expect Excellence.”)

Branch Administrators:     Kathleen Nishimura, Director, Instructional Services Branch
Gerry Madrazo, Administrator, Arts, Sciences, and Technology
Judy McCoy, Administrator, Languages Section
Katherine Sakuda, Administrator, Health/PE, Social Studies, and Student Programs
Keoni Inciong, Acting Administrator, Hawaiian Studies and Language Program
Contact Information:     Instructional Services Branch
475 22nd Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816.
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